The Sultan of the Efreet

The Great Sultan of the Efreet, the Burning One, The Charcoal Lord, The Brazen Commander, Lord of the Fire Kingdoms.


Grand Sultan of the Efreet, His all renowned Grandmaster of Elemental Fire, all seeing all knowing Caliph of the City of Brass, Arch-Reagent of the Throne of Brass, Genius of Geniuses, Shah of Molten Skies, Pillar of the Faith, Khan of the Firesea, Destroyer of Worlds, Defiler of Nations, Pillager of Planes, Subduer of Azer, Binder of Demons, Vanquisher of Salamander, Administrator of Pain, Author of Suffering, Creator of Anguish, Distributor of Wealth, Acquirer of Wisdom, Punisher of Infidels, Purveyor of Justice, Bringer of Law, Keeper of Seals, Patriarch of Culture, and Majarajah of space and time, the Granter of Wishes and Revealer of Secrets.


The Sultan of the Efreet

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